Vijaya Boggala ProvidesFew Tips On Painting With Acrylics

Painting is an excellent activity for all creative souls, who have a love for diverse hues. When it comes to the painting tool or medium, people would have a lot of options available to them. Vijaya Boggala especially loves to paint with oils and acrylics. He especially mentions that acrylics would be a great choice for newbie painters.  He mentions that ever since its invention in the mid-20th century, acrylic paints have managed to provide artists across the world with a great alternative to expensive, toxic, and slow-drying oil paint.  Painting with both oils and acrylics has been a long time hobby of Mr. Boggala, and hence he is well-aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of these styles.

Acrylic paint was made commercially available sometime in the 190s as artist grade paint, and had emerged as a primary art material for numerous contemporary artists. Vijaya Boggala, however, remarks that in comparison to oil paints and water colors, acrylics are a fairly recent discovery in the world of art. Acrylic paint is characterized by its stability, versatility, and vibrancy, and is considered to be a favorite among many modern painters across the world. The versatility of this paint is among its biggest advantage. Depending on the amount of this paint diluted with water or modified with acrylic gels or paste, a completed acrylic painting can have an appearance of an oil , water color, or gouache painting.

As per Vijaya Boggala to competently complete a beautiful acrylic painting, the painters need to keep in mind a few factors, especially if they are newbie painters. Here are a few tips on painting with acrylics that can help them:

  • The painters must be decisive in their strokes. Unlike oil paintings that take ages to dry up, in the case of acrylic painting, people would have only a limited period of time when the paint shall be wet on their canvas. This paint dries up extremely fast. However, one can always swiftly paint layer on layer if any changes are needed, but doing so with good precision is important. Adding a medium to the paint can slow down the drying process, and help the painters to make needed corrections as well.
  • Mixing colors perfectly is important for acrylic painting. Prior to placing the brush on the canvas, painters must ensure that they have the exact color they desire on it. They must use their palette for experimenting and mixing colors, not the canvas.
  • Acrylic paints tend to darken as they dry up, and hence the painters must choose their colors accordingly. Selecting a slightly lighter shade than needed might be a good idea when painting with acrylics.

While amateur painters are often encouraged to buy sub-par paints due to their low pricing, for the best results for their painting it is important to invest in premium quality paints and resources.

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