Correct Mistakes in your Learners Logbook to Get Your Driving Test Date Approved

Statistics state that learner drivers have less chance of crashes on roads when they’re under supervision. The moment they begin solo driving, their chances of accidents and crashes increase. Research has also proven that if learner drivers increase their supervision on the road experience, then it lessens the risk on roads by 30%. Driving schools and parents prefer putting their kids, on the learner driver logbook.

What is Learner Logbook?

There is a paper logbook or many training schools have their personal logbook apps. In the logbook, a learner driver records all the driving hours, learning, and achievement. Whenever you drive, you will have to record complete details of your journey in the logbook. A paper logbook can be submitted to the supervisor, while using the app, you can submit the logbook via an app, without the fear of losing it. If anyone submits fraudulent details in the logbook, that person can be fined heavily.

LTrent is a reliable and well-known driving school in Australia located in NSW. Their driving instructors have good knowledge of the roads and provide the best service in Australia. They started the driving school in 1969 and with so many years of experience, they’ve designed their driver’s training program. They’re the industry leader in Australia, majorly in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, the Central Coast, and the Illawarra region.

Learner’s logbook is exempted for those who –

  • Are above 25 years of age.
  • Previously had an interstate or overseas driving license other than learner license.
  • Are exempted by the Roads and Maritime Services.

Logbook Sections

Before you can attempt the driving test your logbook should contain 120 hours of supervised driving and minimum of 20 hours of night driving. This is mandatory for all those below 25 years of age. Many students often make silly mistakes while filling the columns in the logbook. There are specified columns where proper data has to be entered. These columns are –

  • Date
  • Time
  • Registration number
  • An odometer that records reading from the start of driving till the end.
  • Road conditions
  • Supervisor’s license number along with their signature.

Mistakes to Avoid in logbook Entries

Al this information needs to be submitted carefully. This information is quite easy, still, learners often make silly mistakes. Avoid these mistakes in your logbook to ensure that your driving tests aren’t cancelled –

  • Logbooks are rejected when the declaration is not filled properly by you and your supervisor. The instructor will check the details along with your supervisor’s license number and will also match his signature with other logbooks submitted previously.
  • Every supervisor has to complete the form in the supervising driver’s section. This includes their details, license number, and signature which should match with the signature on the first page of logbook.
  • Every page in the log entry book should have your full name along with the learner’s permit number. Fill the moment you start a new page so that you don’t forget.
  • Mention concrete details on the logbook which should be written with black or blue pen, but no pencil. Your record should have all details of dates, license number, signature, of every drive that completes a total of 120 hours.
  • Don’t be careless with your logbook because it can be rejected during the test day because of damaged or missing pages. If there are few mistakes, then fix it properly, but don’t use white ink to erase it.

The best way of being approved is to get your logbook checked before the test day by your supervisor. Since they too have to maintain their reputation, therefore they’ll help you in the best way. Experience matters a lot, but sometimes common sense also contributes. Show confidence in your knowledge and get your license today.

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