Chef Knife Set – Finding the Best Chef Knife Set

Utilizing the proper knives in the kitchen goes a long way in making your cooking job easier. This is a quick story of a holiday dinner that took a turn for the worse because of a lousy chef knife set.

It was Thanksgiving, so naturally everybody was looking forward to the fresh plump turkey that would garnish our table. I visited the local butcher that week, thinking that a “fresh” turkey for the holiday would really spice thinks up. I picked out one of the largest birds, and paid top dollar, as the butcher stated, “what did you expect, it’s fresh”. So home I went, with the prize in hand. Cooking the turkey wasn’t an obstacle, but cutting it in front of a crowd of onlookers was a whole other story. Quickly I rummaged through my cutlery draws, looking for my chef knife set from fifteen years ago. There it was, slightly blemished, but “good enough to do the job” I calculated.

I remember actually buying the set of knives years ago. best chef knife It was an entire set of knives and cutlery that would do everything from cutting through meats and chickens, to filleting fish and boning certain meats. Included in the cutlery set was a pair of bread knives, and even a small little knife that was supposed to be used for fruits and vegetables. There was an old style sharpener in the box, but it had appeared to develop some rust on the edges.

Well anyway, the holiday bird cooked quite nicely. Friends brought over all the trimmings, and I assembled my “working area” so to speak, where I would be showing off my skills at “professional carving”. I did everything right, so I thought, as I let the bird cool for thirty minutes as suggested by my “butcher friend”, I laid out a large size cutting board, and had plenty of platters ready to hold the tasty treat. The chef knife set was ready to go, at least in my opinion.

As the hungry onlookers stood by my side, I made the first incision with my trusted knife. The skin was no problem, but as the knife attempted to slice through the meat, it failed to cut, and tore off shreds in chunks that was most unsightly. Perhaps it was a “bad side” I thought, and turned the bird around. Unfortunately, I had the same results, as the lousy knives had not only lost their edge, but had actually warped in such a way that it was futile to continue.

Thankfully, one of the visitors lived close by, and was more then happy to return home and bring back his “gourmet knives”. It became quite embarrassing as the neighbor proudly stood over “my bird”, and took credit for dishing out the holiday feast.

Lesson of the story. Don’t be cut short without a good set of professional knives when it comes to special accessions. It could truly put a damper on such a wonderful day.

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