Casino event prizes idle heroes 2019-10

2019-02-10 01:27:05

What is Wishing Fountain ( Casino) in Idle Heroes? Seems like they lowered the casino chips for top casino prize but also removed the 10 super chips reward.

Casino event prizes idle heroes. Content must target the Idle heroes audience.

During the Casino event, aim for the max Casino prizes and. Besides the Prizes, you have chance to get 5 star heroes, casino it helps you buy a 5 star hero and it gives lots of gold/ dust and the usuless green stones that you alredy gain much more then you can spend in general.

Event daily rewards. You get 1 point for every Casino spin.

Weekly Events Heroic Summon Event. submitted 11 months ago by this_ name_ is_ generic.

One Chip gives you one spin. Casino + arena event and rewards.

Casino is best event in game. In general, the casino is a terrible way to get prizes 5★ heroes, as the odds idle are 1/ 1000.

The casino wheel can be idle spun by using Casino Wishing idle Coins. Description: Earn points to win prizes.

No cable box required. The Heroic Summon Event is a self explanatory event.

In the Casino Event you have to spin multiple times in the Casino to receive additional rewards. CASINO EVENT MILITANTS AND TAVERN EVENTS.

Casino event prizes idle heroes. The only way to spin the Wishing Fountain is to use the Wishing Coins ( Casino idle Chips).

idle Content should be Safe for Work. Fusing Heroes when there is no prize left for you in the Fusion Event.


Dunno what to feel about that. No Cheating/ Hacking posts.

Saving your items for Events in Idle Heroes is always the ultimate goal of almost all players. Note: Casino has been renamed to Wishing Fountain!

Time to put on your gambling hat and join us in. Casino event prizes idle heroes.

A comprehensive guide to help you understand the different kinds of events occurring in Idle Heroes prizes in detail. Not only that it' s an event that you can prepare for.

Similar to the Summon Prizes event, this summon event focuses on summoning a set number of 5- star heroes from each faction ( rather than a great number of heroes). One coin will get you one spin, unless you have VIP2 or level 80, which allows the option to receive 10 spins for 8 coins.

Live TV from 60+ channels. You can refresh the Super Casino once every 3 hours.

To collect all prizes of a Heroic Summon Event you will have to summon about 550 heroes. The player has to summon heroes via Heroic Summon Scroll to earn the event rewards.

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